Is Telephone Washing Dead?

When I was in college many people assured me that telephone washing for commercial buildings was a dead job. After working for several years on various carwash companies and other industrial cleaning outfits, however, I’ve learned my own lessons and believe that telephone washing is alive and well in the cleaning industry. There’s a lot of pressure to get people to come to your carwash because you only have a few minutes to clean before someone else comes in. I also like to think that it shows a commitment to excellence that makes customers come back again to your place of business.

Another thing that you have to think about is what equipment you will need to operate this equipment.

If you were to run it by yourself you could charge by the hour and not take into account the tips above. I’m not saying you shouldn’t charge by the hour. What I am suggesting is that you find a way to include customer service and the quality of workmanship so that you can earn their trust. This might mean charging by the time rather than the hour but I’m willing to bet that even if you charged by the half hour or so that you would still be a success.

Perhaps the best advice that I can give you in regard to telephone washing is to find out what kind of building you are going to be cleaning. If you were doing car washes only you would want to focus on commercial buildings. If you were doing residential buildings, you might consider using smaller hand tools. However, no matter where your business ended up you should always consider whether it would be better to use an electric or manual machine. The reason is that these machines do different jobs at different times so you have to make sure that your equipment is suited for the job.